Swosh Lip Cream

SWOSH LIP CREAM is made from natural ingredient such as clove oil, Lavender oil, Lemon oil, Geranium oil, etc. SWOSH LIP CREAM useful for nourishment of men heavy lip, skin and also useful for women who looking for healthy lips


  •  Use protect lip from toxic and hot smoke of cigarette Those, would like to smooth lip
  • Rejuvenate smoker’s dark lips
  • Hydrate lips with support of natural oil

Target customer for SWOSH LIP CREAM?

  • Men smokers ( age 24+)
  • Women Smoker ( age 26+)
  • Those who would like to procure lip
  • Peoples who love smooth lip


Swosh Protact Hand Wash

What Is Swosh Protect Hand Wash?
FDA Approved Hand Wash helps maintain Skin Texture and Hygiene. Organic, Natural, Vegan, Cruelty-Free, Environment Friendly, Sustainable. Our products are handcrafted using only ethically sourced, premium ingredients from Mother Earth. Each one is carefully selected for their benefit to your skin, ensuring a rejuvenating experience. Organic Skin Care holds transformative magic. A gentle return to center that connects you to your preciousness. Let those moments of touch fill you with love and nourish you from skin to soul.

Why Swosh Protect Hand Wash?

  • Get baby soft hands with Swosh Hand Wash. One of the problems that a lot of people face with traditional hand washes is that traditional hand washes tend to dry out your skin.
  • The real reason behind this is the fact that most of us do not tend to really think about a hand wash as an important part of our bath time that needs any special attention to actually reading the list of ingredients in the product.
  • But your hands do most of the work that you perform on a daily basis.
  • You want to keep your hands moisturized and soft to make a good first impression on someone you shake hands with.
  • The main ingredients that make traditional hand washes so harmful is the addition of SLS, Parabens, and Sulphates, which are harsh on your skin and can dry your hands out and eventually cause them to form calluses.
  • Try our all-natural and organic Swosh Hand Wash. It is free from all types of chemicals

The target customer for Swosh Protect Hand Wash?

  • Pharma Medical
  • Ayurveda Store
  • Departmental Store
  • Hospital
  • Corporate Company

Gau Wellness

What IS Gau Wellness Gau Mutra?  

  • It Is Testy Gau Mutra Ark in Which We do Natural Process For Make Testy Experience of Gaumutra In Which We Add natural taste Into Pure ark & Remove Odour And Bad Taste Form Gau Mutra Ark
  • Pure Distilled Cow Urine fortified with aloe vera and make a tasty with a natural flavor’s and it contains sodium, nitrogen, Sulphur, Vitamin A, B, C, D, E, Minerals, Manganese, Iron, Silicon, Chlorine, Magnesium, Citric, Calcium, Salts, Phosphate, Lactose Carbolic, Enzymes, Hormones.

Why Gau Wellness Gau Mutra?

  • It’s Testy & Healthy
  • It has no bad test & odour
  • It’s has powerful effect for healthy human body

Benefits of Gau Wellness Gau Mutra?

  • It helps to detoxify the body from impurity, toxins, and blood purifier. It is useful for the prevention of cancer cell formation.
  • It improves the body’s immune system.
  • It rejuvenates body dead cells.
  • It works as an anti-aging and pampering skin.
  • It helps in constipation and improves the body digestion system.
  • It balances the system of Vata, pitta, and Kapha so it has the power to cure 148 diseases.
  • It helps to stay healthy and disease-free long and fit life.

Target customer for Target customer for Gau Wellness Gau Mutra?

  • Health Conscious People
  • For Purify Human Blood
  • Ayurveda Store
  • Medical Store
  • Hospital


Vitamin C serum

What is SWOSH Vitamin C serum ?

HIGHEST QUALITY SWOSH VITAMIN C SERUM Our potent 20% Vitamin C + Hyaluronic Acid + Ferulic Acid + Vitamin E is gentle, yet highly effective. We use only the best, plant-based ingredients available, The Anti-Aging Power Of Vitamin C Our Vitamin C Serum replenishes your skin’s vitamin C levels to give you these benefits: – Increases the production of collagen to bring back skin’s natural elasticity and counteract fine lines and wrinkles – Powerful antioxidant properties from Vitamin C neutralizes free radical to reverse damage caused by The sun, pollutants, and cigarette smoke – Protects your skin from UV damage such as age spots, discoloration, and fine lines – Improves skin texture to give you a smoother, brighter complexion
Research has shown that it provides antioxidant benefits to skin while enhancing the stability of topical applications of antioxidant vitamins C and E. It also helps defend skin against environmental assault.

Why SWOSH vitamin C serum?

  • SWOSH vitamin c serum can Reduce Aging Look, Acne and Wrinkle Control, Brighten the Skin, Removes the dark spots and sun spots, Skin Tightening & Pores Refining
  • SWOSH vitamin c serum for face pigmentation is completely Sulfate-Free, Paraben Free, PH Balanced, Free From Toxic Fragrance, Free From Hazardous Chemical, Not Tested On animals, 100% Hand Made
  • This anti-aging Serum is Enrich with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin-C(Tamarind Seed Extract), Vitamin E (Aloe vera Extract), Dead Sea Salt
    Only 2 drops of this Face Serum is enough for the whole face
  •  This Serum is best for all type of skin and for men – women too

The target customer for SWOSH LIP CREAM?

  • Men ( age 22+)
  • Women ( age 20+)
  • Those who would like to Brightening look
  • Peoples who love Glowing and Smooth skin
  • People who care about their face skin


Swosh Virush Protect oil Spray

What is SWOSH Virus Protect Oil Spray?

Virus Protect Oil Spray Made From Pure Essential Oils like  Tulsi oil, Peppermint oil, Black Piper Oil, Cardamom Oil, Clove Burd Oil, Cinnamon Oil & Eucalyptus Oil

Why SWOSH Virus Protect Oil Spray?

  • Protect From Virus & Bacteria
  • Beneficial In Cold & Cough 
  • Mind Refresher
  •  Make a Stong Respiratory System

SWOSH Virus Protect Oil Spray Use Full In?

  • Car
  • Mask
  • Bath
  • Diffuser
  • Hankey
  • Steam Inhaler


Dark Kesha Hair Oil

What Is Dark Kesha Hair Oil ?

Its completely natural ayurvedic hair oil therapy which is made from natural ingredients like Til oil , need oil , karanj oil , Bhrigraj oil , amla oil , mehandi oil , aritha oil , brahmi oil , jasud oil etc

Why Dar Kesha Hair Oil ?

Its made from Ayurvedic Shnehpark dravay process so it give result for deep hair nourishment and hair oil therapy

Dar Kesha Hair Oil Use Full In?

  • Long & Dark hair
  • Hair fall control
  • Hair Growth
  • Scalp Nourishment
  • Dandruff control


₹160   ₹150

Swosh Foaming Face Wash


SWOSH Apple Extract Face Wash equipped with the foaming face brush is specially formulated to lock your pores with intense cleansing and nourishment. It helps in purifying pores and diffuse the mulish impurities, leaves your skin clean, clear and radiant with every wash. The packaging includes in-built face brush that is well designed with gentle silicone bristle to give your face deep cleansing on surfaced and within enlarged pores. 


Helps your skin to fight against acne and blackheads. Gentle, cleansing and proactive anti-acne care for your skin with wow skin science apple Extract foaming face wash! It is enriched with pure apple Extract and vitamins B5 and E for cleansing, healing and hydrating care to get you clear, soft and supple skin. When massaged on damp skin, its rich foam dissolves and washes away the dead skin cells, dirt and pollutants from the surface of your skin and all the open pores. Apple Extract contained helps balance the essential skin oils, tighten the open pores and lighten blemishes.


  • Deep Cleansing 
  • Dust Removal
  • Remove Oil From Skin
  • Remove Face impurity 
  • Smooth And Glowing Skin


₹220   ₹200