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Royal Swag Herbal Nasal Snuff Tobacco Free- Nicotine and Tobacco Free Mint Snuff Pack of 04 (1 Pack = 30G / 1 Oz)

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Herbal Snuff is the finest snuff available, and while more herbs are used than in most snuffs, it's still 100% tobacco free. If you breathe easily, Herbal Snuff won't harm your nose or sinuses. There are no additives of any kind; the only ingredients are the finest herbs for which it is famous. Herbal nasal snuff is made of 100% natural herbs and spices with no additives. The result is a pleasant-tasting, Minty aroma that stimulates your senses. Our Herbal Snuff is a pure, healthy alternative to cigarettes that won't damage your health. This herbal relief is made from all-natural ingredients and is ideal for those wishing to fight nicotine cravings and those who occasionally smoke cigarettes.

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